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Riff Raff Cut His Braids?!


Our beloved little sonic boom with dirt on him, Mad Decent artist, Riff Raff has been making noise in recent weeks on the brink of dropping his first LP, Neon Icon. In the midst of promo for the album, Jody Highroller (his weed name) might have undergone an identity crisis!

It appears, Raff is getting in touch with his GQ side and shed the scruffy braids we’ve come to know and love… on Vine. I’m not sure how true this is, hours after the short-do pic went viral, Mr. Highroller’s instagram account posted this…

jody long hair

I’m assuming he was just screwing with everybody and had his long hair tucked back like a mullet but who knows, maybe the pics were uploaded out of order to mess with our minds. Well, I speak for everybody when I say we can’t sleep until we know about Riff Raff‘s hair! -@BusterRadio

PS: Check out Riff Raff’s latest single “How To Be The Man” off the Neon Icon album. Out Jan 28th: