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Today is National Work in the Nude Day

Well, in case you had another reason to want to avoid your boss on a Friday, today is National Work In The Nude Day. The second yearly event even encouraged people to submit pictures of themselves at work in the buff. Would you ever want to see somebody you work with naked? My answer is a solid and resounding no. Sorry guys.








Ryan Seacrest wastes $1 Million Dollars on the biggest First World Problem

Ryan Seacrest, who was recently voted one of the celebrities America would like to hear less about, just spent a MILLION DOLLARS on a project that he could have just forgotten about. The Seacrest team spent a year and bundles of money on creating a new piece of technology that allows you to attach a keyboard to your iPhone. After “testing every available Blackberry keyboard on the market”, Seacrest created his new project called The Typo. Just slip your iPhone into the thing, and you can type away as if you had a Blackberry phone.


You know, because everybody loved Blackberries so much that they could never go out of production.

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