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Buster’s Best: Top 9 Christmas Movies


Those that know me, know I get hype over holiday movies!

There’s something about the music, the attitude, the fact that I’m probably half-drunk off egg nog while watching most of these things. Regardless, If you were born in the same in 10 year span as me then you probably have some of the same feelings as I do when these flicks are mentioned. So here we go…



9: Polar Express (2004)

This joint is the newest title on this list and cracks open the Top 9 because it’s visually impressive and any movie where a kid goes on a trip with some weird guy and doesn’t end up molested is a winner!
polar meme

8: The Santa Clause (1994)

The Santa Clause is great because it captures everything that was great about the ’90s… divorced parents and Tim Allen grunting!

7: Scrooged (1988)

We’ve all heard the classic Christmas Carol story written by Charles Dickens… ya know, 3 ghosts coming to save Ebenezer Scrooge‘s life blah, blah, blah. In ’88 Bill Murray said “to hell with that story!” and busted out his own adaptation and it’s f’n hilarious!

6: Bad Santa (2003)

Awwww yeah! The only Christmas classic that is NSFW… and we love every minute of it!

5: Home Alone 2 (1992)

Macaulay Culkin has only made two movies in his life that I could possibly sit through, this is one of them and the other is in the Top 4!

PS: This movie wouldn’t have happened if social networks existed back then.

4: Jingle All The Way (1996)

Keeping with the theme of dead beat dads in the 90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger nails it as a crappy dad that can’t keep his promises to his Wife or kids. Phil Hartman (rip) nails it as a nosey-neighbor trying to bang Arnold’s wifey and eat his cookies…

3: A Christmas Story (1983)

Telling little Ralphie that he’ll shoot his eye out wasn’t enough to keep this guy from getting his Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas… my hitta!

Let’s not forget about the 24 hour marathon that TBS starts at 8p every Christmas Eve!

2: Home Alone (1990)

…And here’s Macaulay’s big pay day! Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern MAKE this movie happen as our two favorite dumb ass burglars. #WetBandits

Get that money Culkin!

1: Christmas Vacation (1989)

Clark W. Griswold and his family didn’t just make the #1 Christmas movie of all time with this one… it’s one of my favorite flicks EVER! From Chevy putting lights on the house, to the deaf-grandpa blowing up the house, National Lampoons hit a home run with this classic.

This Christmas, let’s all take a note from Mr. Griswold… drink up!

Merry Christmas everyone! -@BusterRadio