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Entertainment: Top 10 YEEZUS Moments Of 2013


Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Kanye West you can’t deny that 2013 was a HUGE year for him. With that said, check out what I think are the top 10 YEEZUS moments of the year. For the record I think Kanye is the man LOL! – @LATENIGHTMIJO

10. Finally Addresses Ray J’s “I Hit It First.”

The infamous Ray J & Kim Kardashian sex tape is something I’m sure the majority of us have all seen. In early April Ray J released a record called “I Hit It First.” (click to hear actual song) 5 months later Kanye, while performing on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” finally responded.

9. Kanye vs Justin Timberlake

Everyone but Mr.West loved Justin Timberlake’s return this year. While performing at the Hammersmith Apollo in London in late February, Kanye said this,

And I got love for Hov but I ain’t f*cking with that Suit & Tie.

Peep the actual footage below.

8. Kanye vs The Paparazzi

LOL! This speaks for itself.

7. “New Slaves” Projections

Upon the release of his 6th studio album, “YEEZUS,” Kanye decided to debut the first single “New Slaves” as a video projection in 66 locations around the world, including here in Philadelphia inside the Eastern State Penitentiary.

6. Kris Jenner Interviews Kanye

Probably one of the weirdest yet most genuine interviews happened when Kanye sat down with Kris Jenner to talk about, Kim, North, fashion & his music. Peep footage of him expressing his love for Kim below.

5. Kanye vs Jimmy Kimmel (Leather Jogging Pants)

One of the funniest feuds to happen on twitter this year, Kanye vs Jimmy KimmelIt all started when Kimmel poked fun at an interview that Kanye gave to BBC Radio 1. In the interview Kanye mentions he brought the idea of leather jogging pants to Fendi six years ago but unfortunately was shot down, the rest is history.


On June 18th Kanye released his sixth studio album, YEEZUS. 10 tracks, no album artwork & a new sound to say the least. Selling over 300,000 copies in its first week it topped the Billboard charts here in the United States & went on to top the charts in 30 other countries.


3. Bound 2

Kanye takes Kimmy K on the motorcycle ride of her life in “Bound 2.”

2. You Ain’t Got The Answers SWAY!

LOL! Again speaks for itself.

1. Proposes To Kim Kardashian & Becomes A Father

June 15th Kanye became a father, needless to say Kim & Ye made a cute ass baby.


4 months later in pure Kanye fashion, he popped the big question to Kim Kardashian on her 33rd birthday at the AT&T Park in San Francisco.



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