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Jake Miller Interview w/ Beatstreet


With Jake Miller’s 43 city tour ending tonight in Houston Texas, I figured it would only be right to visit back when Jake Miller performed for a sold out crowd in Philly. The TLA was packed from wall to wall with screaming young fans. Jake Miller is an extremely young talented artist who caught my attention with his song ” A Million Lives”. I began to follow his music and I really found it to be fun and refreshing from what I normally listen to day in and day out. I met Jake a year ago and all he had was an EP and his single. A year later he pushed through with a completed studio album and a sold out 43 city tour. Check out the video below as Jake &  I  talk about his lead single “Collide”, the album creation process and how he stays grounded as an up and coming star.

Jake Miller performing @ The TLA in Philadelphia

Jake Miller “Collide” video