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Buster’s Best: Top 9 Pics On Instagram In 2013


Ohhh Instagram

Since it’s inception, the ‘gram has been helping fill our phones with egotistical “art” at it’s finest! Selfies and booty-shots are a standard on most news feeds on the day-to-day but I’ve taken the liberty of gathering up my favorite moments on Instagram from the whole year by your (and my) favorite people…



#9 @MileyCyrus: “Blonde Hurr Don’t Curr”

photo_1Not sure what possessed Billy Ray’s little sweetheart this year, but Miley came out the gate ready to shock and awe! One of the least provocative, yet still controversial things she did was post this pic of her looking like Macauley Culkin.









#8 @KacieMcdonell: “Teach Me How To Selfie”

photo_8The hilarious cast of FOX 29’s Good Day Live is always a great start to my day. Especially when (former Fiat of Maple Shade girl) Kacie Mcdonnell gets her fine ass on set! Her IG account is riddled with selfies so it’s only right that she took a pic of herself, while taking a pic of herself… while on TV! #NextLevelSelfie








#7 @JustinBieber: “The Fresh Prince Of Canada?”

photo_5Say what you want about Bieber, but you have to admit it’s pretty cool to see today’s biggest pop star in somewhat of a fangirl moment with one of the biggest celebrity’s of all time. Will Smith just looks like he’d be cool doesn’t he? My other caption to this is “Canada… Bow down to Philly!”









#6 @Beyonce “I Wanna Look Like An Emoji”

beyonceThe reason why I think this pic is great, is because of how crazy the world went when Mrs. Carter posted it. It’s like whatever she wears wigs everywhere anyways! Still hot.










#5 @Eminem: “Guess Who’s Back?”

photo_2One of the biggest releases of the year comes from the 41 yr old, Slim Shady. Before the VMAs, Eminem teased that he was back. Days after releasing “Berzerk“, Em posted the cover of his long awaited, “Marshall Mather LP 2.”
Side note: I visited the famous Mathers house from the cover of MMLP 1 & 2 when I went home to Detroit for Christmas… yep, it’s a dump!








#4 @BadGalRiRi: “Puff Puff Give”

photo_3Rihanna‘s awesome man…











#3 @DJBonics: “…featuring Wiz Khailfa and 2Chainz”

photo_4My brother Dj Bonics took our listeners on an amazing ride all summer long as he took us on tour with him and Wiz Khalifa, both literally and digitally with candid backstage shots like this one. Can’t wait to see what the @DjBonics pages have in store in 2014!









#2 @Wired965Philly “Look Ma, We’re On TV!”

photo_7Riding on the 6 ABC float in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my Wired 96.5 family is something I’ll get to scratch off my bucket list. Cool that Jay Sean was able to join us for the ride too!










#1 @BusterRadio “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

photo_6WWE‘s Money In The Bank PPV is an event everybody should be able to see live at least once. When it hit Philly, we had to go… and scream like children (drunk grownups.)


It’s safe to say 2013 has been entertaining. Here’s to a whole new year of narcissism in our news feed! -@BusterRadio