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Video Game Marriage Proposal *Tissue Alert*


By now, we’ve all seen creative proposal’s on the internet. Ya know, some dude spent months perfecting a synchronized flash mob in the mall that ends in him popping the question to his lady.

… Well, this guy makes those proposals look like a bad episode of Glee!
robert and angel
Robert Fink and has Fiance’ Angel found a common bond early in their relationship, gaming!

“The First Thought in my head when I saw her ‘She’s beautiful… and she plays video games… I want to marry her!” – Fink

Luckily, Robert is some sorta genius because this guy pulled off the ultimate pixel proposal…

He made her a video game!
Does she click Yes or No?

I took the liberty of starting the video a couple minutes in so you can see the good stuff but I’d be a liar if I said this didn’t make me feel a little soft inside. -@BusterRadio