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The Original “Monster” Without Eminem Or Rihanna (Audio)


By now, you’ve heard Eminem‘s smash single featuring Rihanna about a million times. I’m pretty sure this song is even bigger than “Love The Way You Lie” which Em & RiRi gave us a few years earlier.

But did you know… that hook and beat is from completely different song that was written and originally performed by struggling singer, Bebe Rexha?

Listen to this…

RedefinedHype.com reports Rexha was dropped from Island Records about three years ago. After suffering through her own misery in the music industry, Bebe joined forces with Jon Bellion to write a song describing her grievances with the game.

After a former member of the Shady Records family heard the record, he sent it to Eminem immediately and the rest is history… sort of. Bebe and her team got word that Slim Shady liked her song and saw a tweet from Rihanna
ri tweets

After that, silence.

Then the track list for Em‘s MMLP2 came out revealing a song titled “Monster.” Now that the song has reached crazy success and made enough money to put another wing on Eminem’s house, I’m sure Bebe Rexha got cut a nice little check and more importantly… we know who she is! -@BusterRadio