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Leggings Banned In High School!


Something happened a few years ago with women’s fashion… comfort!

The “on my way to yoga class, drinking Starbucks” look got kind of hot and girls really took that and RAN with it.


The problem is the leggings look has gotten so common and out of hand that most girls have their expensive jeans collecting dust and getting eaten by moths in the dresser while they’re out on the town with nothing covering their butts except a very thin sheer piece of fabric as these girls are out here doing everything but… yoga!

Well one school has done something about it! The principal of Rockport High School in Boston, Mass has announced they’re re-enforcing the school’s dress code which does not allow pajama pants or leggings in the girls’ wardrobe.

Fox reports: at least 20 students have already been sent home and ordered to change their pants.

Wow, girls want to dress slutty in high school and their teachers are pissed? Shocking. -@BusterRadio