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Sean Paul Interview w/ Beatstreet


When Sean Paul stopped by Philadelphia to perform for Wired’s 96 Cents Show, I had to catch up with him and talk about his new album and some other projects he had in the works. Sean Paul records, (Im talking about about vinyl here) were one of my must haves for every single party I did in college years. I went to college during the “Get Busy” “Like Glue” “Gimmie Da Light” “Im Still In Love With You” and “Feel Alright” eras. As folks were getting acclimated to his music, the classics like “Deport Dem” “Infiltrate” and “Here Comes The Boom” started to pop up in my sets at parties. You could go in for 45 minutes of just Sean Paul tracks and no one would fuss. When an artist like this comes into town and they  have been one the reasons you were able to keep the party and airwaves popping, you have stop by and show them how their work has influenced your beginnings. Check out the interview below as Sean Paul talks about the secret to his success, a quick inside look into his album and some upcoming tracks with Major Lazer.




Dj Beatstreet Interview w/ Sean Paul


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