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5 Things To Do With Salt On Your Car


Let me start by saying that I know we need the salt on the roads. Without it, everything would stay icy like Gucci Mane and we’d be slippin’ and slidin’ into everything in Philly. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t get sick and tired of looking at it accumulate on my car and touching it every time I open my door!

With that said… I’ve found some other uses for that chalky, gritty, filth that’s sitting out there on the road, here we go!



Put it In Your Margaritas!
Scrape a bit of that delicious, sludge covered crust off into your batch of Pomegranate Margaritas. It’s sure to be a hit as your guests are spitting pieces of dirt into a napkin at your apartment.

Remove Laundry Stains!
It’s a little known fact that adding salt to your laundry helps destroy stains like the ones forming in your pits right now. Why not peel off a layer of this crap from your whip next laundry day?

Kill Bugs In Your Home!
If you have bug problems… take out your trash. If your prob runs deeper than that, there is an old home remedy you can try before calling the exterminator. Add salt to the gross areas in your crib and kill those critters!

Use as Body Scrub!
Simply Bath Salts Lavender Natural Bath Salt
This is easy… take a sponge to the car taking off a good amount that fine Philadelphia salt. Then get the sponge directly in a bath tub with some warm water and your naked ass in the tub. Let the relaxing salt fester around you, bring on the bliss! (Don’t smoke it tho I heard people go nuts if they smoke or snort bath salts.)

Deodorize Your Sneakers!
Got some funk in the feet? Salt has a a way of killing odors and if you’re lucky enough to have your vehicle covered in this scum, drop some in your kicks and let science to the rest!

Either way you look at it, we’ve got a couple more weeks left of dealing with snow, sludge, and salt triple threat, so let’s make the most of it! -@BusterRadio