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Phillies Spring Training Vacation


It’s hard to call going to sunny Clearwater, FL to talk to Phillies players… work. However, I am one of the luckiest people ever! I gotta say a big Thank You to everyone in the Phillies organization esp. John Brazer! It was a once in a lifetime experience!

I got to dance on top the dugout w/ the Phillie Phanatic & my friend/XTU bro Crockett.

You can watch that video here:

It's not everyday "The Phillie Phanatic" squirts you in the crotch with a super soaker. That happened to @jpallenismyname from the @bigphillyshow #Phillies #philliesTalk



I tried to get some sun at Bright House Field and caught a home run ball during batting practice.



Listeners Jessica & Angela from West Chester had a great time sitting front row on the 1st base side.



Wiz Khalifa was doing a show 4 milies from the Stadium.

Our Wired965 DJ and Wiz’s DJ @DJBonics got us back stage passes and we drank from a gigantic bottle of gin.



I had to post to picture of Chase Utley getting hot and sweaty during warm ups for the ladies.

jp beach

Beach Pic


Pool Pic at the Clarion Hotel & Suites



What you know about Grouper?!!!  YUM!