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James Franco Tries to Pick Up Teen Girl On Instagram



Did James Franco really try and pick up a teen girl through Instagram? James Franco, the 35 year old actor allegedly tried meeting a “nearly 18″ year old girl named Lucy Clode at a hotel through Instagram. Lucy Clode is a teen from Scotland. She met James Franco at his broadway show named “Of Mice and Men”. They ended up recording a quick video through Instagram and Mr. Franco said “tag me in that video on Instagram”, and thats what Lucy Clode did. They finally started communicating via Instagram.

Franco: “How long will be in New York?”
Lucy: “Um a few days it’s my 18th birthday present”
Franco: “You’re 18? Who are you with? Do you have a bf?”
Lucy: ” I’m nearly 18, my mum and not if you’re around”

I know Franco likes to smoke weed but you gotta be real high to get caught up like that!