Philly's Party Station

Congrats Broad Street Runners!!!


Congrats to more than 40,000 Runners that ran 10 miles yesterday! If you’ve never done the Broad Street Run before… it’s an incredible experience with thousands of spectators cheering you on like you are a professional athlete! There’s tailgating going on where I was greeted by a beer and a Jello shot as soon as I finished! This was my 3rd Broadstreet Run and I had to dress up for the occasion. I rocked a pink Wired965 Cape like a superhero… I couldn’t resist. I love how spirited and happy people are!

Check me out doing the run in a pink Wired 965 Cape like I am a super hero. I posed with my favorite sign I saw.

broad street

Congrats again and cheers to you Philly!