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What Would You Do To See Rihanna?



Fans will go to all extremes to get a glimps of their favorite artists.  Some bombard them on red carpets to try to pull pranks (Brad Pitt).  Others spends lots of money to sit front row and get the chance to make out with them (Miley Cyrus).

When Rihanna arrived at the Sephora Champs-Elysees in Paris for her “Rogue By Rihanna” perfume launch most of her fans went crazy.  They all had their phones out trying to grab video and pictures of Riri but one fan went to extreme lenghts to see Rihanna.

He climbed a light pole to see his favorite lady. Then he hung here for a while and had a blast trying to get down.  Actually, the people around him watching him get down had the most fun!