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Zendaya New Face Of Material Girl



Its been a great week for Zendaya!

It kicked off with her accepting the role of Aaliyah for the upcoming Lifetime Biopic.  This is especially great for Zendaya because she always talked about how Aaliyah was a musical influence to her while coming up in music.  Imagine playing your idol… that awesome.

IT GETS BETTER – she was chosen to become the new face of Madonnas’ clothing brand, Material Girl. Zendaya is absoltely stunning and will be featured the hot “Boardwalk Babe” ads which will showcase the actress-singer’s playful side on the famous Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn.

“Zendaya exudes a confident, free spirit. We love having her as the new face of Material Girl,” Madonna the material girl and a collaborator behind the brand, shared via a press release.

I’d say it’s been a good week for Zendaya! :-)

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