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High School Student Charged $300,000 For Pizza?!


In my most non-sober state, I’ve been known to spend top dollar on a good slice of pie or plate of Chinese… but Three Hundred Grand?!?!?!

WGN reports Nathaniel Bowell of Newport, England ordered enough Domino’s to rack up a pretty average bill at about $30 on his debit card. What the 19 yr old was not expecting was the next day for his checking account to be overdrawn by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Turns out he was accidentally charged 178,000 pounds which is equivalent to $300,000.

“This was immediately flagged by our merchant provider due to the amount and reversal of funds was put in place. Unfortunately the payment was authorized by the customer’s bank. We understand that this has now been completely resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.” – Domino’s

That would’ve freaked me out but this high school kid must have decent credit or something because my bank would’ve blocked that faster than you can say “Pizza, Pizza.” – @BusterRadio