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3 Reasons Meek Mill Is In Jail


A lot of people have been scratching their heads over the weekend wondering why the Prince Of North Philly is locked up.



3. Showin’ Love To The Hood
gesner meek
Paying respect’s to the South Philly location of a deadly fire that occurred last week on Gesner St was a violation of Meek’s parole stemming from his 2008 gun charge. Not sure why this was a violation for Meek, but I guess it was.

2. His Behavior On Social Media
Meek face
In addition to pissing of his Parole Officer by changing his phone number and booking shows out of state, Meek has been on Twitter talking trash about his P.O. and he even posed on Instagram holding a gun.


I’m not saying Meek got in trouble on purpose by any means. However, I will say it doesn’t hurt that a rapper that has content like Meek’s has some solid jail time street cred to go along with his release of Dreams Worth More Than Money. -Buster