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Katy Perry Meets Up With Her Philly Fans At The Rocky Steps


Katycats here in Philly all said, “OMG… BEST NIGHT EVER!!”
While you were sleeping… Katy Perry did something incredibly special.

At her Aug 5th Show at the Wells Fargo Center Katy Perry told her fans to meet her at the Rocky steps at Midnight. 150 to 200 people believed her and Katy made good on her promise. She took selfies with basically every fan that was there.

She then later tweeted… “I keep my promises Philly.”

katy perry twitter

Major props to you Katy! You made this the best night ever for so many fans. I was lucky enough to be there and capture it! Check out my short 15 second video:

Cara is the name of girl pictured in the Selfie w/ Katy Perry. I interviewed her and captured her excitement on my iPhone: https://soundcloud.com/bigphillyshow/jp-interviews-katy-perry-super-fan-cara