Amazing Facts About the Hippopotamus

In this post, you will be satisfied with the Amazing Facts About the Hippopotamus that we are going to share with you. You are probably fond of animals, don’t you? You are here because you are excited and always willing to indulge in new knowledge about these large animals called hippos.

Hippopotamus, or also known as hippos, are found in Africa. “hippopotamus,” in Greek, translates to river horse. They are popular for submerging their body into the water. When submerged in water, you can only see their nostrils. Yes, they are large animals. But we cannot deny that they look pretty cute, right?

The following are some of the interesting facts about hippos that will feed your curiosity. So, if you are now ready, let’s jump into it. Enjoy!

  1. Just like humans, the hippopotamus is also fond of using sunblock and moisturizer. They can create this kind of product by secreting a red and oily substance from their body. Aside from being the hippos’ moisturizer and sunblock, this red substance also works as its protector against germs. So, do not be fooled. Some people think that this large-sized animal sweats blood.
  2. Water is the natural habitat for the hippopotamus. But despite that, they can’t even float nor swim. They tend to stand or walk on the sandbanks beneath the water. If they are humans, they will be called as the bea-tches. The water act as their protection from the sun. That’s why they tend to spend most of their time in the sea.
  3. As mentioned, when the hippos are under the water, they only show their nostrils. But, did you know that they can close their ears and nostrils at the same time? Yes! They are capable of doing so as it prevents the water from entering these body parts.
  4. Hippos open their mouth to threaten other animals or warn them to stay away from their territory. An open mouth is usually followed by grunting or/and honking.
  5. Hippopotamus can close their nostrils for seven minutes and hold their breath. But older hippopotamus tends to resurface every five minutes to breathe in some oxygen.
  6. Hippopotamuses don’t roam around alone. Wandering alone can make them prone to their predators. That’s why most of the time, they live in herds or groups that are composed of more or less 20 hippos.
  7. Hippopotamus are pretty cute, didn’t they? But despite their cuteness, they are also considered to be a dangerous animal that can be found in Africa for their high aggressiveness and being territorial.
  8. Considering their size, the hippos are ranked to be the third of the biggest mammals on land. The first one is the white rhinoceros, followed by the elephants.
  9. Originally, the hippopotamus is initially found in Africa. But, because of hunting and habitat loss, their population decreases slowly. The main work of these majestic and large mammals is to protect some areas in East Africa.
  10. Porpoises and whales are the closest relatives of the hippopotamus.