How to Add a Walkman Style Mp3 Player to MySpace

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I find so many unique things that you can add to MySpace. Just recently I found an mp3 player that looks like an old style tape walkman. I use to love my tape walkman. That was before the CD Walkman, MP3 Players, and all that good stuff came out. But I know some who still use the tape walkman. In this tutorial I will show you how to add an old style tape walkman to your MySpace profile. This tape walkman is a MP3 player. The buttons even work on it.

First, you will need to load the generator page to create this tape walkman. To load the generator page, click this link. Give the page a minute to load. If you are on a dial up connection, it may take a minute or two. When the page loads, you will see what the tape walkman will look like on your profile.

Below the walkman, you will see the color fields. You can select the colors for the walkman. Click the two color fields and select the colors that you want by clicking the color in the box and clicking the OK button on the box.

The next option is putting the MP3 player on Shuffle. Drop the box down and select the option of your choice. The next option is where you select if you want the walkman to automatically start. Drop the box down and make your selection. The next option is if you want to allow the public to hear your player. Drop that box down and make your selection.

Now you can start adding your songs to the playlist. You must upload these songs to add them because you need the url for the MP3s. In the playlist field, enter the url for the song in the fields on the left and enter your title in the fields on the right. Once you have filled in these fields, click the Add to Playlist button. You will see your songs below that button. Once you have created your playlist, click the Take Me To Next Step button.

The next page is where you sign in. If you do not have an account, you can quickly create one on this page. You can also skip the sign up part and just get the code. But if you do not sign up, your playlist will not be saved. That option is up to you. If you want to skip the sign up, click the Skip button.

On the next page you will see the code in the yellow box. Copy that code and go to your MySpace profile. Login to your account and go to the edit profile page. On the edit profile page, you will need to paste the code in one of the boxes on that page. Click the Save All Changes button to add the tape walkman to your profile.

To play the walkman, click the play button on the walkman. To skip through tracks, click the fast forward button. To go back, click the rewind button. To pause it, click the pause button.