How to Make Your Own Music Video

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Have you ever wondered how you can make a music video without spending a large amount of money? One simple and inexpensive way is by using the Windows Movie Maker program.

To start, you must make sure all picture, video and audio files you plan to use in your video are uploaded onto your computer’s hard drive. When you open the program you should already have started a new project. Beneath the “Import” label on the left you will find links. Click on the link with the media type you wish to import for this particular project. Once all files are imported you must drag them into your timeline section. The program automatically places them into the category timeline, which they belong. You can rearrange the clips by dragging them across the timeline and placing them where you want them to be. Whether you’re using photos or video footage there are many different transitions and effects you can use in your video. You can add the fade in/fade out effect and you can even speed up a particular clip. To add these features you can click on the “Transitions” and “Effects” links on the left, and drag the selected features into your timeline (as you did your media files), placing them on (for effects) and between (for transitions) the picture/video clips. Effects can also be used on audio. You can shorten your audio (by dragging the audio clip to the left of the screen), and even create a fade out effect. All you have to do is right-click on the audio clip and choose an option from the pop-up tab. Another feature you can use is the “Titles and Credits” feature. With this feature you can add credits and titles at the beginning or end of your film, as well as on selected clips. You can even experiment with the animation, and find fun ways to display your titles/credits.

Once you are finished with your project you can save it, but it will be saved as a Windows Movie Maker file, which restricts you from viewing, uploading and sharing your video on different media programs and websites. To change this format you must click on “File” then “Publish Movie,” select the folder where you would like your movie to be saved, select the format for your movie and hit publish. Your movie should be ready to view and share within minutes!