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Krush Groove– the Most underrated Movie Musical of All Time

Krush Groove has to be the most under rated musical in the history of movie making. Released in the fall of 1985 this movie is based on the early days of hip hop giant Def Jam Records

The movie starred rap pioneers Run-DMC, Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boys, The Beastie Boys, producer Rick Rubin and finally the man himself who is the original hip hop mogul Russell Simmons who plays a character named Crocket. Prince protégé Sheila E. plays the female lead and little known actor back then Blair Underwood played Russell Walker- the characters based on Simmons.

Cameos in the film include New Edition- you would get a thrill seeing a young Bobby Brown years before his marriage to Whitney Houston. A dimpled faced skinny young guy wearing a Kangol named LL Cool J whose few moments on the screen were the most memorable in the film. If you blink during the movie, you will probably miss a very young Chris Rock standing against the wall during one of the many scenes filmed at the legendary Bronx club The Fever.

Beat Street– The world was introduced to break dancing

This movie tells the story of two brothers from the Bronx whose lives revolve around becoming a successful dj and break dancing. This movie stars the beautiful Rae Dawn Chong as a choreographer from New York College who inspires the older brother Kenny played by actor Guy Davis. Also in the movie is stage and screen actress Tonya Pinkins best known for her character Olivia Frye on the daytime drama All My Children.

After this movie graffiti had become accepted as a true art thanks to portrayal of a character named Ramon who sadly is killed on the tracks of a NYC subway.

Newly inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, The Furious Five close out the movie in a great scene filmed at the famed Roxy. Hip hop pioneers, the Treacherous Three,

Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force perform, as well as the very talented New York City Breakers and Rock Steady Crew.

Both movies show hip hop culture in its infantancy. In the early 1980's, New York City birth a sensation that would take the world by storm. It's only right that remember and honor the films that introduced the world to rap music and the hip hop culture.