How To Choose The Best Hosting Service

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It is one of the most common questions that has so many answers. Maybe you decided to blog about your passions, and you need a website. Or perhaps you are looking to build your first online shop. In any situation like these, you will need a domain and a hosting service.

You will definitely find many services of this kind, so which is the best method for you? It is not the most expensive or cheapest one, but the most useful for your needs.

What Kind of Website Do I Need?

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars a month for an advanced hosting solution, as long as you are only starting a new website that would probably not get too much traffic for a start. Perhaps the best solution for you is shared hosting, but make sure you can upgrade your package later.

Check the hosting panel as well. You need a simple interface to install WordPress or any other CMS, and to monitor all the aspects of the website.

Web hosting packages are different depending on the specifics of the website. A simple blog can be hosted with a cheap solution, but if you want to start a movie streaming platform, you will need more space on the server, thus a more advanced hosting solution.

Another option is VPS or Virtual Private Server, which is the ideal solution for a website with constant traffic.

Unlimited bandwidth

Most of the hosting packages today have unlimited bandwidth, but make sure to check this aspect as well before deciding for a package. Unlimited bandwidth guarantees that your website has resources even when accessed by many visitors at the same time, but still, it is limited by the capacities of the server.

The term ‘unlimited bandwidth’ is not totally correct, as the capacities of the VPS limit the band. However, it is almost impossible for a small website to use all the server’s resources at a given time.

Customer Service

One of the most neglected by users but also essential aspects of choosing a hosting service is customer support. There are always problems with a website, and they are not necessarily your fault. Make sure you have 24/7 support and that the agents on the other side are helpful. If the errors with your website are complicated and the hosting company does not offer support, you will spend a lot of money with maintenance and repairs.

Uptime warranty

Any reliable hosting company can guarantee uptime for a website. Uptime means that your site is online and visible. Downtimes happen all the time in the online world, but the hosting company needs to have the capacity to move your website on another server instantly to ensure continuity.

It is impossible to get 100% uptime warranty as upgrades and maintenance are required. However, 99.9% means your website will be online all the time, with the rare exceptions when it will need an upgrade or update.

The traps of small price

Most hosting companies will give you an introductory offer, but make sure it’s advantageous once the promotion is over. You don’t want to spend $1/month for the first year of hosting and $100/month after, so look for the companies that can give you best-hosting prices for the long term.