How much time and money do you want to spend on optimizing your real estate site for the search engines? If your answer is “not much”. then you should at least review the 5 tips below for every page of your website and give them all an opportunity to reach a respectable rank on the search engines.

Yes, I said every page. Optimizing only your home page would be a little like the tourism council of NSW only promoting the Sydney harbor bridge, bringing visitors to it direct from the airport and after a quick visit and a photo taking them straight back so they can catch the next flight home.

Every page of your real estate site has unique content and must be optimized accordingly. Take a little time and make some notes on every page to establish what the theme is. The theme will become the unique title for that page.

So here are 5 tips to optimizing every page of your real estate site.

Page Title – Create a unique page title for your webpage incorporating the pages theme and other relevant keywords. Ensure that every page has a unique page title.

This is the page title of a web page

Title Tags – Every page should include a visual title (different to page title). This title can be a duplicate of your page title and must be visual. This title should be wrapped in <h1>Title</h1> tags to let search engine spiders know that this title displays the relevance of the page.

Descriptive text – Every page must include at least a brief description of its content. I would never publish a page that has images only. Search engines love text and this is what’s used to determine relevance and rank.

Internal Links –  Ensure that every page inlcudes links to other prominant pages of your site. If you use a CMS like wordpress there are many “breadcrumb” style plugins that you can use too. These are great for internal linking and allow search engines to review your site with ease.

Automation for real estate  – Use keywords, relevant to the theme of each page as anchor text to link back from other websites.

By following the above tips for each page you will give them all a chance to increase their rank in search engines like Google and Bing. This will obviously see more visitors to your site.

Real Estate Video of the Week – Rich the Realtor

Real Estate Video Marketing is fast becoming the marketing option of choice to many agents. Compared to a 1 pager with a few images. A compelling real estate video profile can build trust before the buyer or seller has engaged with your business.

This video depicts a US based agent. His video is unique and could be perceived as annoying by many but then the more that watch the better chance Rich the Realtor has of finding more fans.

He could have called his business Wiggle Real Estate