The presidential matchup polls on our site have clearly shown a trend towards Obama over the past couple of months… His lead is at almost 70 electoral votes.

There are a few states that have not updated their results over those past couple of weeks and we reported earlier that Obama could extend his lead if those states were to update those results. But the reality is that the majority of those states that have not updated their poll results showed either an easy victory for McCain or a victory for Obama. So there is not much more room for Obama to gain.

He is behind 4% in Florida, behind 3% in South Dakota and if he was to be able to win those states and maintain his lead in the other states, his lead would balloon to almost 130 electoral votes!

And with his becoming the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party, we would expect that.

Rasmussen Reports and Gallup have each been tracking the John McCain vs Barack Obama national polls on a daily basis. They each show Obama ahead by 7% nationally.

We shall see in the next month or so if McCain is able to narrow down this margin or if Obama will remain ahead the entire path to November.

Gallup Results – Obama 48, McCain 41

Rasmussen Results – Obama 50, McCain 43