How Is The MP3 Player Changing the Church?

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There are two very different populations in the Christian world today. The first is represented by people of the older generations maybe in their 40’s and up. And then there are the much younger people – they both go to church, for mostly the same reasons.

The older Christians in the world are accustomed to listening and watching TV, buying CD’s and cassette tapes, they may even listen to the radio. But the younger Christians do things differently. Technology is allowing the younger Christians (and anyone who can keep up with the technology) to download their messages and music, so that their listening ears can receive the information through the white earphones of their MP3 or iPod.

This will change the face of most Churches today. Moving toward Mp3 access for Christian media may be something unconsidered by many, but anyone who has become aware of services, like Tivo or DVR receivers can see where this is going. A step up from the VCR, these services allow you to access your TV programs on demand. A prime example is my wife, who when I suggested we get ours, thought I was hoping to just get another toy so I could watch more TV. Now, she especially finds it to be the best time-saver and argument stopper between the kids. It can be set to automatically record every episode of your favorite shows and watch them when you want.

Most Churches are still doing thing status quo. They want you to attend church and hear the messages there. This, of course, is optimal for fellowship and the group dynamics for touching and agreeing with others. And when the message really touches, there are usually CD’s you can buy on the spot. However, the quality of these messages on CD’s may not stand the test of time. Not to mention audio cassette tapes, which are even more fragile. This is the only media that most churches have to offer.

To get the word of God out and win souls for the Lord, the churches today will need to wake up quickly. Consider the cell phones with Mp3s. Not to mention, most 2008 cars will be manufactured with just Mp3s built in and downloads obtainable while driving down the road.

For some in the church, the Mp3s are a dream come true, for others the worst nightmare. The challenge for most is to how to forge ahead in this technological revolution when technology is not the focus of your life. Churches and pastors have a powerful message. Thankfully, there are companies that can help move our churches safely through this technological transition so our younger generation is not missed. Ironically these services are being offered at a very reasonable price to get you moving in the right direction.