Radio Static

Radio  photo
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Static in the radio announcement,
music cutting over the words, she tries to hear in the broadcast,
as she fumbles with the button to fine tune,
slight bits of words on relationships, finding love, making it last.

Frustrated at the fuzz and sound,
falling in between, music, she struggles to listen, to take in more clear.
The sounds of guitars and the piano,
still echoing in her ear.

She sighs in dismay,
guessing today is not her day,
and maybe the broadcast, would not be enough to find love, make it last.
She picks up a book and walks away.

The pages wet, blurred text,
clouding the visions of love before her eyes.
A romance novel, that was mistakenly left out in the rain,
she tried to retrieve,
yet this seemed to just be the way, her life would play,
caught beneath rain and cloudy skies.

She picks up her pad of paper, the tools to draw and write.
Today the day at least shines for her, she walks along, alone outside,
stopping to watch the ducklings along the water,
one falling far behind the others, seemed it couldn't keep up,
no matter how hard it tried.

She sits upon a park bench, starts to see clouds swirling above,
covering up the blue sky,
sighs, "what is love?"

Taking shelter from a heavy downpour, she stands beneath a large oak tree,
someone else found his way there today.
He smiles pleasantly at her,
"turned out to be a beautiful day"

The clouds separate, the sun showing slightly in between,
a rainbow reflecting above the lake, the cloudy vision, beauty before her eyes.
He continues on, strumming his guitar,
the music, making the day seem so clear, it echoes in her ear,
caught beneath the rain and cloudy skies.
Just static in the radio broadcast, she smiles, and sighs.