The Sony Walkman Bean MP3 Player Review

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Hey wouldn't you like to have a bean as an MP3 player? Well now you can with the Sony Walkman Bean MP3 player, it makes carrying around a bean fashionable and practical.

No smelly oders or weird looks today, just 100% music on the go in your magic Sony walkman bean.

The Sony Walkman Bean MP3 player is amazingly compact in size and doesn't weigh much of anything. You can easily carry it around for hours and forget that it's just sitting there in your hands.

And within seconds of taking the Sony Walkman Bean MP3 player out of the box I was able to hook it up to my computer and load it with music.

The Sony Walkman Bean MP3 player comes with 1 GB built in flash memory, it supports MP3 and wave files and one of the neatest features is that the USB wire is hidden and attached within the bean. So you always have it with you.

The Sony Walkman Bean MP3 layer has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and on average you're supposed to get about 50 hours of play time before you need to recharge it.

The Sony Walkman Bean player comes with a green display menu that shows you what's on track number you're on and has a fully featured many that makes it easy to sort your music by artist, album, or group.

There is an FM tuner on the Sony Walkman Bean MP3 player which allows you to listen to local radio stations and was amazed by the sound quality that is produced by the bean. It also has basic features like repeat songs as well as shuffle.

The Sony walkman Bean mp3 player also allows you to set the time and date making it easy to use it as your own personal clock while on the go.

The buttons are very easy to find in the dark on the Sony Walkman Bean Mp3 player and don't have any trouble switching to and from songs.

You can also lock the Sony Walkman Bean MP3 player so that if a button gets hit on accident it doesn't just randomly change your song.

The Sony Walkman Bean Bean MP3 player comes with sonic stage software that makes it easy for you to navigate and find your music to launch your MP3 player will also allow you to convert CDs so that you can put your favorite albums on your MP3 player.

Like all MP3 players it comes with a standard set of headphones that are very comfortable and look like they were bought from dollar tree, so if you plan to listen to a lot of music; you'll want to find a better set of headphones.

I highly recommend the Sony Walkman Bean MP3 player. It's a wonderful new novelty item will walk around with and start conversations. It holds a good amount of music as very compact in size.