Like poker, blackjack is a game that lends itself to a lot of game variations. In its simplest form, it is a game where you try to outdraw the dealer without going over 21. Beyond that simple premise, there are countless opportunities for variations. I have already covered the togel hongkong variations of pontoon, Spanish 21 and double exposure. This time I am writing about extreme 21.


Extreme 21 gets its name for the fact that the dealer can’t stand. In this variation, one player at a time faces off against the dealer. The player is dealt two cards face up and the dealer is given one card face up. There is no hole card in extreme 21.


In this blackjack variation, once the player is dealt two cards and the dealer one, the player can hit, stand, double, split or whatever. If he busts, the player loses. Once the player stands, the dealer begins drawing cards. Instead of having a certain number to draw to, such as 17, in this variation the dealer draws until he either beats the player’s total or busts.


If the player gets to exactly 21 points, he wins automatically and is paid 1:1. If the player splits, the dealer has to play against each hand individually. There are a few rule variations in extreme 21. Sometimes players are allowed to double any time, while at others they can only double on the first two cards. Sometimes redoubling and resplitting are allowed, but other times they are not.


Because the dealer will continue drawing until he either beats the player’s hand or busts, basic strategy for extreme 21 is different from traditional blackjack. Generally speaking, the strategy for extreme 21 is more aggressive, since the dealer will keep drawing until he either beats your number or busts. Therefore, you would never stand on a 13 or 14, for instance.


Extreme 21 can sometimes be found in brick and mortar casinos, but is more often found in online casinos as an alternative to traditional blackjack. Extreme 21 has a much higher house edge than traditional blackjack. Even using the correct strategy, the game has a house edge from 0.63% to 1.16%, depending on the rules of that particular game.


Blackjack Multi-action Games


One of the great things about the game of blackjack is that though the game is relatively simple, there are countless variations to keep things interesting. If you feel like mixing it up and playing the game differently, one thing you can do is play multi-action games. Keep in mind that this should only be done after you have mastered blackjack basic strategy. If you are not completely comfortable with the basics, playing a multi-action game is likely to confuse you.


Multi-action games can be found online and in brick and mortar casinos. Basically, these games allow you to place three bets at a time rather than only one. Some card counters like multi-action games better because at times when the count is in their favor they can play more hands and bet more at a time, thus making more money. Other people like it just for the variety.


In multi-action blackjack games, the players are dealt one hand at a time like with normal blackjack. However, the dealer gives himself three hole cards rather than one, in addition to one up card. The dealer then has three hands, with the one up card being played with all three hole cards.


With brick and mortar casinos, players place their bets on each of the dealer’s hands by placing their chips on the appropriate part of the table. With online casinos it’s easier and you only have to click on the correct spot with your cursor.


The advantage to playing multi-action games is that you can place more bets within the same amount of time. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that placing more bets means risking more money, so while that could cause you to win more money, it could also cause you to lose more. Gambling is always a risk, even in a game with a house edge as low as blackjack.