Video Has Not Killed the Radio Star

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This past Tuesday, April 5th, Death Cab For Cutie performed the first ever live music video for their new single “You Are A Tourist.” According to, the video was directed by Tim Nackashi, who is known for his epic directing of Ok Go’s treadmill video, and was choreographed and scripted, but only shot ONCE…live for the entire world to see on the bands website. This is truly an amazing feat, as some of the dancing and all of the playing was surely a challenge for everyone involved. Nevertheless, this amazing band pulled it off, successfully pushing the envelope in the music industry.

Perhaps the most impressive feat related to the video was the band flawless playing and emotion. It takes the viewer a moment to process what they’re seeing. The product is NOT one that took many takes and hours and hours of editing to create a glimpse into how the members function as a band. Instead, it is a live representation of the band’s natural emotion, cooperation, and . Death Cab has truly offered an opportunistic idea for bands trying to prove themselves…after all, when we watch a music video, we are typically given a manufactured performance.

Hopefully the new trend will catch on, and bands will begin offering live, authentic performances as their music videos. If not, Death Cab has surely (yet again) made their mark in the music business. To see the video, go here.