Democratic Candidate WV OR KY KY
Pollster Rass Rass Rass SUSA
Date 5/4 5/1 5/5 5/3-5
Hillary Clinton 56% 39% 56% 62%
Barack Obama 27% 51% 31% 28%
Other(vol.) 17% 10% 13% 10%
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According to the Democratic West Virginia poll by Rasmussen Reports:

When the voting is finished in Indiana and North Carolina, the Democratic Primary competition will move to West Virginia on May 13. Thats a competition Hillary Clinton will be looking forward to with eager anticipation. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the race shows that Clinton attracts 56% of the Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Obama is supported by 27%. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure.

Those results are virtually identical to an earlier election poll conducted in mid-March.

Clinton is viewed favorably by 72% of West Virginias Primary Voters, Obama by 48%. Clintons numbers are unchanged while Obamas ratings have dropped five percentage points.

Clinton will need a big victory in West Virginia to help bolster her talking point about winning the most popular votes. While Obama supporters dismiss this talking point as meaningless, it will be repeated many times in the coming weeks and months. Still, the former First Lady has but one path to the nomination stay close and hope that Obama makes a mistake.

In West Virginia, 72% say they re at least somewhat likely to vote for Clinton over McCain in the general election. However, only 56% say they are somewhat or very likely to vote for Obama.

Seventy-eight percent (78%) have followed recent news stories about Obama’s former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Fifty-seven percent (57%) say it’s likely that Obama shares some of Wright’s controversial views. Those figures are similar to the national average for all voters, not Democrats.

According to the Democratic Oregon poll by Rasmussen Reports:

Clinton has a statistically insignificant lead among senior citizens while Obama leads among younger voters. Obama does best among upper income voters while Clinton’s strongest support comes from those who earn less than $40,000 annually.

Obama is viewed favorably by 78% of the state’s Likely Primary Voters, Clinton by 71%. Fifty percent (50%) of Obama voters have a favorable opinion of Clinton while 56% of Clinton voters hold a positive view of Obama.

Eighty-two percent (82%) say that if Clinton is the nominee, they will vote for her over John McCain in the fall. An identical number, 82%, say they will vote for Obama over McCain.

Seventy-six percent (76%) say they have been closely following recent news stories about Barack Obama’s former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Just 16% have a favorable opinion of Wright while 56% have an unfavorable view. Fourteen percent (14%) agree with Wright’s views about the United States and 62% do not.

Forty-four percent (44%) believe that Obama was surprised by Wright’s comments at a press conference last Monday. Thirty-four percent (34%) disagree and say he was not surprised. Most Obama supporters say their candidate was surprised, most Clinton voters say he was not.

Thirty-four percent (34%) say it’s at least somewhat likely that Obama shares some of Wright’s controversial views.

Nationally, 56% of all voters believe Obama is likely to share some of those views.

In Oregon, 50% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters believe that Obama denounced Wright because he was outraged. Thirty-three percent (33%) say he did so because it was politically convenient.

According to the Democratic Kentucky poll by Rasmussen Reports:

Seventy-eight percent (78%) of the state’s Likely Primary Voters say they’re likely to vote for Clinton over McCain in the general election. Just 55% are likely to vote for Obama over McCain.

Oregon votes that same day and a separate survey found that Obama has the edge in that West Coast state. In between is West Virginia a state that looks very favorable for Clinton. Nationally, the candidates remain close in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

In Kentucky, Clinton and Obama are essentially even with the under 30 voters but Clinton does very well among those over 30. Obama leads among those who consider the War in Iraq as the most important issue. Clinton leads among those who consider the economy, health care, or other issues as the top priority. Clinton does best among lower income voters while Obama is essentially even among those earning at least $75,000 a year.

Fifty-five percent (55%) of Likely Democratic Primary voters in the state favor a federal gas tax holiday for the summer while 34% are opposed. Fifty-nine percent (59%) correctly identify Obama as the candidate who opposes a temporary suspension of the federal tax on gasoline (11% thought Clinton was opposed, 10% McCain, and 20% were not sure).

Fifty-four percent (54%) are worried that the next President will raise taxes too much and hurt the economy. That figure includes 24% who are Very Worried. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Clinton voters are worried that the next President will raise taxes too much. Only 41% of Obama’s voters are that worried.

At the other extreme, 42% are worried that the next President will cut taxes so much that it will harm important government programs. Only 11% are Very Worried that the next President will cut taxes to much. Forty-seven percent (47%) of Obama voters are worried that the next President will cut taxes too much. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of Clinton voters share that concern.

Overall, Democratic Primary Voters in Kentucky are evenly divided as to whether the federal government needs more tax revenue to fund important national programs such as highway repairs and health care reform. Forty-one percent (41%) say more revenue in needed while 40% say it is not.

According to the Democratic Kentucky poll by Survey USA:

As Neighboring Indiana Goes to the Polls, No Movement In Kentucky Democratic Primary: Two weeks to the Democratic Primary for President in Kentucky, Hillary Clinton remains decisively atop Barack Obama, according to this 4th tracking poll conducted by SurveyUSA for WHAS-TV in Louisville and WCPO-TV in Cincinnati. Today, it’s Clinton 62%, Obama 28%, effectively unchanged from SurveyUSA polls released on 04/29/08 and 04/15/08. Clinton leads in every region of the state and in every demographic subpopulation of consequence.