Parent company of the slot gacor Tour has taken the Travel Channel to court recently. It is alleged that the Channel was interfering with plans with regard to the development of a new poker series on the sports channel, ESPN. Discovery Communications Inc. and the Travel Channel were sued by WPT Enterprises Inc. for breaking the contract as well as for intentional interference. The case was filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, on Monday. A declaration was submitted by WPT stating that  while it had acted as per the terms of the contract, the defendants had been responsible for breach of contract. David Leavy, spokesperson of the Travel Channel said that the channel considered WPT an important franchise. According to him, the channel would protect and defend its rights within the existing contract. As per the suit, WPT had rights for developing any other poker-related programming, as long as Travel Channel got the first chance to license the show and the last right to refuse.

WPT said it then shopped the show to other networks, including ESPN, which proposed to license the show September 12. That triggered a 15-day “last refusal” period for the defendants, who allegedly sent threatening letters to WPT and ESPN.

Hollywood Poker Holds Two Large Poker Events to Raise Money for Relief of Katrian Victims

Poker rooms have made a consistent and concerted effort recently to hold poker events for charitable proposes. In the wake of the Katrina disaster, several poker sites have chipped in to help out the victims. Throughout the month of September, Hollywood Poker will continue its efforts to raise money for this cause. It will hold two big weekly events – The Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational and the Hollywood Poker Celebrity Classic. It has associated with actor Denis Quaid’s charitable organization, The International Hospital for Children Foundation. Hollywood Poker will match the prize pools from these two tournaments and donate it to the charitable foundation. This foundation works for the relief of the children of Louisiana. The amount collected from the aforementioned tournaments will get equally divided between Quaid’s foundation and the American Red Cross.

Quaid was moved by the response from Hollywood Poker. “On behalf of the International Hospital for Children Foundation, our hearts go out to the children affected by the storm,” he stated.

Nargi from New Jersey Wins an Unprecedented 250,325 in the Borgata Poker Open

The Borgata Open 2005 came to a conclusion on Saturday night. Michael J. Nargi of New Jersey defeated James M. English of Florida, for the title. Nargi survived in a field of 323 top ranking players. They included some of the biggest names in poker like David “The Dragon” Pham. Event six of the Borgata Open was a $2,500 buy-in-event. In the final round, Nargi scored the big win. For ranking first Nargi took the biggest prize ever in the 2005 Borgata Poker Open with almost double the amount of case one in earlier tournaments. He got a prize of $250,325 and a gold diamond-encrusted Borgata bracelet. The battle lasted a marathon 30 hours.

English, who should feel little disappointed with his second-place finish, collected $137, 275 and the third place finisher Jason M. Langianse took in almost $70,000 as payout sky-rocketed for this highly buy-in event. Fourth place finisher, Sal J. Giamborne of Staten Island, NY, collected $56,525 for his efforts.