Evelyn Ruark: Michelle Duggar’s Lesbian Sister Speaks Out on Famous Family


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Evelyn Ruark is a 63-year-old lesbian who lives in Cincinnati with her partner of several years.

She’s also older the sister of one of the most famous moms in the history of reality TV.

When the Ruark family relocated from Arkansas to Ohio in the early 1980s, youngest daughter Michelle stayed behind to marry boyfriend Jim Bob Duggar.

No one could have predicted that Jim Bob and Michelle would go on to raise an astonishing 19 kids (and counting) and star in a hit reality show for TLC.

Michelle, of course, adopted her husband’s ultra-conservative religious beliefs, and as a result, she’s mostly lost contact with her much more liberal family.

In fact, they reportedly contact one another so rarely that Michelle may not even be aware that her family thinks she’s the one who’s lost her way and may need help.

“We are worried about them,” says Evelyn’s partner, Sharon Callahan, of the deeply conservative Duggars. “We often thought that QuiverFull is a cult.”

“It seems brainwashing to me.”

The QuiverFull movement is just one component of the Duggars’ conservative belief system, which also involves preaching intolerance toward homosexuality.

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Josh Duggar, the first-born of the 19 children and a conservative political activist, recently stated that he’d like to help gays change their “lifestyle”.

Prior to that, Michelle Duggar spearheaded a campaign to overturn an anti-discrimination law that would’ve ensured equal employment and housing rights to gays.

Evelyn reportedly offers some brief comments on her famous sister’s controversial beliefs in the forthcoming issue of The National Enquirer.

But, as you might have guessed, she hasn’t been in contact with Michelle for several years, and thus has little to say about her current lifestyle.

In fact, the only time that Michelle’s side of the family acknowledged Evelyn in the past few years came when Josh Duggar mentioned her in a recent radio interview:

“I have an aunt who has chosen to live that life and I love my aunt,” Josh, himself a father of three, said at the time. “I think she is an amazing person.”

He went on to say that Evelyn opposed gay marriage despite her sexual orientation, a statement that she has yet to confirm.

Scrubs Reunion: Zach Braff Shares Selfie With Co-Stars!

Scrubs fans, rejoice. Zach Braff posted a late Christmas gift for you all, posing with former co-stars Donald Faison and John C. McGinley on Instagram.

Just imagine if selfies were a thing back in these guys’ heyday …

“Reunited and it feels so good,” Braff captioned the pic.

With Zach, 39, are his TV boss McGinley, 55, and best friend on and off set, Faison, 40. The three all appeared on the comedy for nine seasons from 2001-10.

Since then, Zach has been largely out of the spotlight.

Donald sometimes appears in celebrity gossip articles because of his marriage to CaCee Cobb, Jessica Simpson’s best friend and former assistant.

Braff also posted a photo of Faison’s one-year-old son Rocco (with Cobb) wearing chic shades with the caption, “Mini Faison. #Killingit. #KimJongFaison.”

He and CaCee are having a second child together next year; Faison also has four other children from previous relationships. We can’t believe that either.

Anyway, we’re glad they’re still buddies. Wondering what some of your other past favorites from film and television are up to these days? Wonder no more.

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