Potential Barack Obama VP Candidates

Here is a list of potential VP candidates for Obama in order of likelihood (as per oddsmaking websites) Hillary Clinton Jim Webb Kathleen Sebelius Bill Richardson Mark Warner Ted Strickland Wesley Clark Intrade.com and Betfair.com are the two websites I used to obtain the order of candidates. Hillary Clinton received 18 million democratic votes and […]

Barack Obama At Largest National Lead

The presidential matchup polls on our site have clearly shown a trend towards Obama over the past couple of months… His lead is at almost 70 electoral votes. There are a few states that have not updated their results over those past couple of weeks and we reported earlier that Obama could extend his lead […]

McCain’s Lead in Nevada Dwindles

A new Mason-Dixon poll of Nevada voters still shows McCain in the lead but with a lead that has dwindled down to a mere STATISTICAL TIE. Pollster Date McCain Obama Mason-Dixon *NEW* Jun 2008 44.0 42.0 Rasmussen Reports May 2008 46.0 40.0 Survey USA Mar 2008 41.0 46.0 From Las Vegas Review Journal: “It’s a statistical tie. […]

Weighted Average of Recent Polls – Why I Am Not Doing Them Now

I mentioned in an earlier article that I was not going to be posting the “predicted” electoral numbers for a bit because of the volatility that comes with shifting poll numbers. For example, on the 19th, we would have had Obama winning Florida and Ohio because of the Quinnipiac results that were posted. On the […]

Survey USA and Rasmussen Reports Have McCain Ahead in the Electoral Math

As promised earlier in the week, we said we would be separating out the poll results by pollster and report the electoral college math for each of them. For now, it only makes sense to report the results for Survey USA and Rasmussen Reports because they have performed so many more polls in so many […]

Barack Obama Now Leads in Pledged Superdelegates

The Democratic primary is increasingly looking like a formality at this point with Barack Obama as the all but certain Democratic nominee. We already know Clinton will win West Virginia but will a win in such a small state have any bearing on the Democratic race, I think not. This primary is all about delegates […]

West Virginia and Kentucky in Clinton’s Pocket; Oregon For Obama

Democratic Candidate WV OR KY KY Pollster Rass Rass Rass SUSA Date 5/4 5/1 5/5 5/3-5 Hillary Clinton 56% 39% 56% 62% Barack Obama 27% 51% 31% 28% Other(vol.) 17% 10% 13% 10% Details Link Link Link Link According to the Democratic West Virginia poll by Rasmussen Reports: When the voting is finished in Indiana and […]