Potential Barack Obama VP Candidates


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Here is a list of potential VP candidates for Obama in order of likelihood (as per oddsmaking websites)

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Jim Webb
  3. Kathleen Sebelius
  4. Bill Richardson
  5. Mark Warner
  6. Ted Strickland
  7. Wesley Clark

Intrade.com and Betfair.com are the two websites I used to obtain the order of candidates.

Hillary Clinton received 18 million democratic votes and ignoring her as a potential VP choice would be foolish for Obama to do. He has to at least consider her and provide the party a strong reason as to why he is choosing someone else.

Jim Webb is known to be a strong pick because of his “foreing policy” credential.

Kathleen Sebelius is the exciting upstart Democratic selection. She is the governor of a very red state. Like Hillary Clinton, Sebelius is a woman, but has the advantage of not being a divisive figurehead. The only issue that some pollsters have pointed out is that if Sebelius is chosen, it may cause a backlash among some democratic women wondering why Clinton was not chosen.

Bill Richardson has an 8% chance of being chosen and would be the type of experienced VP candidate Obama needs.

Obama does not necessarily need to shore up any states but he does need to make a play for some key demographics like white voters, latino voters, and women voters. Hillary Clinton is said to be the candidate that can shore up all of those demographics (as per the primaries) but the reality is if a voter is voting against Obama because of his race or anything else, Clinton’s being #2 will not miraculously change their minds.


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