Potential Barack Obama VP Candidates

Here is a list of potential VP candidates for Obama in order of likelihood (as per oddsmaking websites) Hillary Clinton Jim Webb Kathleen Sebelius Bill Richardson Mark Warner Ted Strickland Wesley Clark Intrade.com and Betfair.com are the two websites I used to obtain the order of candidates. Hillary Clinton received 18 million democratic votes and […]

McCain’s Lead in Nevada Dwindles

A new Mason-Dixon poll of Nevada voters still shows McCain in the lead but with a lead that has dwindled down to a mere STATISTICAL TIE. Pollster Date McCain Obama Mason-Dixon *NEW* Jun 2008 44.0 42.0 Rasmussen Reports May 2008 46.0 40.0 Survey USA Mar 2008 41.0 46.0 From Las Vegas Review Journal: “It’s a statistical tie. […]

Water Bills Are Going to Go Up En Masse

Paying attention to local news stories, you can clearly see that water bills across the nation are expected to rise. Source: Houma Courier, Louisiana Northeaster Georgian, Georgia Chicago Sun-Times, USA I could go on and on with a slew of source links but as a dude that has taken up home improvement as a minor […]

Clinton Will Win West Virginia

Democratic Candidate WV Pollster Suffolk Date 5/10-11 Hillary Clinton 60% Barack Obama 24% Other(vol.) 8% Details Link White voters in West Virginia are not sold on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has a huge lead in the state. According to the Democratic West Virginia poll by Suffolk University: Respondents said Clinton should stay in the primary […]

Downplaying Clinton Support By Tweaking Demographics

In late April, Insider Advantage shocked us with their prediction that Clinton was slightly ahead in their poll 44% to 42% in North Carolina. Because if they were right, Clinton may be able to sweep the primaries today! But their latest poll results have Obama ahead 48% to 44%. That suggests Obama has made a […]

Nine Topnotch Tips To Get Free Web Playable Ads Traffic Over And Over Again

Update the pages on your website often. Stagnant sites are dropped by some search engines. You’ll be able to even put a date counter on the page to display when it was last updated.   Offer supplementary value on your website. For affiliates and partners you can place links to their sites and products and […]