The Growing Fad – Hosting mango live Parties


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The popularity of mango live has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Chris Moneymaker was an accountant from Tennessee who had played poker only online. He won the 2003 World Series of Poker becoming a major catalyst adding to the popularity of poker. An obsession and a passion has been created for Poker in recent times. Poker parties are commonly hosted and are a regular part of people’s social lives.  Geri Windecker, who is manager of gaming supplier Will Bills in Kent said that the reputation of poker has undergone a transformation. It is no more a sleazy game, instead it  has become a  popular game with mothers and children now. Poker parties are all ‘BYOB’ parties but hosts give good food to the guests.

As Rowley and Rosenzweig note, “Poker night is not a tea party.” Stefanich said their poker parties remain casual, but the host usually provides some food. May Get to Change the Name of the Southern Utah Community of Bluff is a London-based site offering online poker games. This site has shot into the news as it is giving out $100,000. This huge prize sum is being given out so that it can put its name on the tiny southern Utah community of Bluff. Chairman Patrick McDermott feels that this sizable sum would help in the community development of the town with just 285 residents.  The PR agent of, Darren Shuster says that this offer is only for publicity. However, the money is surely being given out, to help a small community. He further adds that Bluff can call the shots and define the rules of the game. Quite a novel idea, this one is – connecting poker with a name as well as with community development.

He also says there;s precedent for changing a town’s name. The nearby city of Blanding was originally founded as Grayson, but switched in exchange for a library building.

The Rundown on the Fourth Day of the U.S. Poker Championship

The fourth day of the U.S. Poker Championship started with 27 players. By the end of the day, three different groups had been formed. The one at the bottom would be going home without any cash. the middle one would be eliminated but receive $28,372. The top group would be the one to play at the final table. It is here that the opportunity to take home top prize money of $831,532 exists.  Eric Crain and Amnon Filippi were some of the notable players who went home without anything. Bob Edgren finished in the 19th place, crashing towards the end. The remaining 18 players redrew to take seats and the last two tables.

It would take over five more hours to get down to the final nine players. But there were some interesting developments in the meantime.



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