McCain’s Lead in Nevada Dwindles

A new Mason-Dixon poll of Nevada voters still shows McCain in the lead but with a lead that has dwindled down to a mere STATISTICAL TIE.

Pollster Date McCain Obama
Mason-Dixon *NEW* Jun 2008 44.0 42.0
Rasmussen Reports May 2008 46.0 40.0
Survey USA Mar 2008 41.0 46.0

From Las Vegas Review Journal:

“It’s a statistical tie. It’s a toss-up,” said pollster Brad Coker, managing partner of Mason-Dixon. “Nevada is a battleground. It’s clearly a state both candidates, both campaigns, both parties are going to pay a lot of attention to.

Among undecided voters, 25 percent said Clinton’s presence would make them more inclined to vote for the Democratic ticket, but 38 percent said she would make them less likely to vote Democratic.

“Those numbers are real clear that she doesn’t help the ticket,” Coker said. “The undecided voters especially are more likely to vote against him, and he can’t afford that.”

A spokesman for the McCain campaign noted that Obama had campaigned and organized heavily in Nevada in advance of the Jan. 19 caucuses, yet failed to build a lead against McCain.

“It’s very early and we’re not going to take anything for granted, but we feel Senator McCain’s message plays especially well here,” Rick Gorka said.

“Nevada is a maverick, independent state. I don’t think Nevadans feel that government should continually raise taxes and increase spending. When it comes down to John McCain’s message of fiscal responsibility versus the Democratic message of raising taxes, Nevadans are going to realize they’d rather have their own money.”

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