On-Game Poker-Room Leaderboard – Current Leaders April 17th


The top 10 players for the MTT Leaderboard on the Ongame Network have been very active in the last week, as we have a new first place for the month of April! Let’s get to it, and take a look at who’s been making headway in the past week, as we’ve reached the midpoint of April. First off, let’s take a look at who was in the Top 10 last week.

  1. ToMontana8: 7724
  2. Rex Cramer: 7043
  3. billybillard: 6234
  4. massi83: 5848
  5. finnrene:5486
  6. knock9999: 5191
  7. p0cket00: 5006
  8. cambiaso24 4983
  9. Don Cool: 4943
  10. VENOM__512: 4734.00

If you’d like to check the Leaderboard in full detail, head over to http://www.flopturnriver.com/Ongame-PokerRoom-Players-20080410.php and you can see who the top 100 were last Thursday on April 10th. bitcoin roulette Some big changes have gone down this week, and as you’ll see, we have a new number one, amongst other goings on.

  1. Rex Cramer: 10654
  2. ToMontana8: 10620
  3. finnrene: 10591
  4. billybillard: 10479
  5. Don Cool: 8287
  6. Kubisch81: 7782
  7. mjaussieace: 7741
  8. domiN06: 7657
  9. massi83: 7479
  10. VENOM__512: 7260.00

This week, Rex Cramer has retaken the lead, narrowly edging ToMontana8 for it. As you can see, Rex’s lead over ToMontana8 is incredibly small, with just 34 points separating them! Now if that isn’t exciting enough, last month’s Leaderboard winner, finnrene has made a huge jump this week! Down over 2000 chips last week to ToMontana8 when he was in first, he’s less than 100 chips behind Rex Cramer, and is looking to pull an amazing back-to-back Leaderboard win. He’s going to have to work extremely hard, as will ToMontana8 and Rex Cramer, because despite the fact billybilliard has fallen this week from 4th to 3rd, he is just 175 points behind Rex Cramer, which creates an interesting situation as these four players are separated by a measly 175 chips. This promises to be an exciting final 13 days in April. Don Cool has moved up this week from 9th to 5th, but has a lot of ground to make up between himself and the leaders. Perhaps the most amazing jump this week is Kubisch81 re-entering the top 10. He finished 10th last month, and looked to be a flash in the pan this month, as last week he was in 19th with 4403 chips. This week however, he moves up to 6th, making a huge jump, and gaining over 3300 chips in the process. P0cket00 and cambiaso24 dropped out of the top 10 this week, and we have two new entrants, in mjaussieace, and domiN06, in 7th and 8 respectively. Massi83 has dropped from 4th to 9th in a disappointing week, and VENOM__512 is holding steady in 10th place again this week. If you’d like to look at a complete list of the top 100 players as of today, April 17th, head over to http://www.flopturnriver.com/Ongame-PokerRoom-Players-20080417.php and take a gander for yourself!

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